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Serge Nubret's training program, philosophy and nutrition.

This is a discussion on Serge Nubret's training program, philosophy and nutrition. within the Bodybuilding forums, part of the Bodybuilding Discussion category; This is taken from a poster on (Waterblender, and hschao), and hopefully it may interest some of you! Serge's ...

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    Serge Nubret's training program, philosophy and nutrition.

    This is taken from a poster on (Waterblender, and hschao), and hopefully it may interest some of you!

    Serge's routine is given below. First of, it isn't some do it this way otherwise you?ll fail and shrivel up with some other routine.
    It is designed to allow you to get to know your body, so not only know how to train it for whatever end image you have in mind, but also what foods and how much of it you need to eat in order to support your training.

    The following may seem long, but remember, this compiled from the old 399 page serge thread. So be grateful or you can just go read the old thread.


    Links to the workouts:

    These workouts are done with this kind of schedule:
    Day 1 - A
    Day 2 - B
    Day 3 - C
    Day 4 - A
    Day 5 - B
    Day 6 - C
    Day 7 - rest

    Body parts can be split up during the days, resting for 15 minutes or done at another time of during the day, eg; quads in the morning, pecs at night

    For the workout, it is recommended to find a weight that you can do 20-25 reps to failure, use that for the sets of 12 reps (15 for hamstrings) in this workout. Attempt to use the same weights through the workout of that exercise. To increase intensity of said workout, lower the rest time as stated and by mentally adding weights in your mind. Lowering the rest time will make the weights tougher, but also makes your heart and lung work harder thus providing a cardiovascular workout without the cannibalization that result from doing actual cardio at a separate time.

    The first half of the set is spent feeling the muscles move and contract. This is to establish the mind to muscle connection, continue through workout to finish out the sets. If weights are chosen right and/or have been mentally added correctly, the last two sets and reps should be difficult.

    Now I?m sure you noticed the 'mentally add weight'. It is exactly like it sound, but really isn't that far-fetched.
    Simply put, you forcefully, contracting (tensing) the muscles throughout the reps to make the weight heavier for yourself. Remember when doing barbell curls, approaching failure, how much harder your muscles work, mainly how hard they contract, now when you've reached failure, you have someone spot you?what happens the second they touch the bar, your muscles loosen up, even though your exerting so much effort, your muscles fell looser then they were before, this is because the weight IS actually lighter, not a lot, but still lighter. See what I'm getting at?
    In the same way, you learn to contract your muscles and make the weight heavier/lighter as needed. One way of learning to do this, is simply to start of with the weight you would normally use in serge's routine, and then increase the weight each set. For the last set or two, go back to the weight you started off with and try and remember the feeling of how hard your muscles contracted and attempt to make the weight heavier by replicating that feeling by tensing.

    The logical behind his workouts: His workout his centered around the 'pump'. You get as quickly as possible and keep it going for the rest of the workout. Large muscle groups are worked separately because it is difficult to get a pump in tow large muscle groups at the same time

    Compound movements and large muscle groups should have more sets and/or more rest time.

    Allow different workouts to hit different angles and work the muscles differently, but keep the basic movements in the routine.

    Chest and quads are done because they are large muscles. Legs are too big of a muscle group to do all at once.
    Back and hamstrings for the same reason.

    Superset arms with no rest because when the biceps are working, the triceps are resting. The converse is true. Also for reason for supersets, the biceps and triceps are part of the same body part, thus the pump is already there. The supersets count for the arm workout that serge has in his workout program is a TOTAL of 16 supersets.

    Serge would sometimes do a large amount of reps in the first set, 15-50, to get a good pump going. Feel free to try this yourself

    Every set is trying for failure, this was done by putting the mind into the muscle. By contracting/tensing the muscle as much as possible during the last few reps,one could achieve failure. 'putting your mind in the weight'

    Concentrate on EVERY rep, think about the particular muscle you are working. You should feel it working in every rep. move the weight/body in such a way that you keep constant tension throughout the whole set. Example, bench press, don?t lock out your elbows at the top of the rep, and pull downs, don?t let the bar go all the way up.

    YOU control the weight, the weight doesn't control you.

    Science is nice but the body knows better. Sports science is the study of the body to guess and make hypothesis of how things work. The body knows what it needs, it will already tell you. Listen to your body when you have an understanding of what your body is asking of you. Ofcourse, you can keep on studying, nothing wrong with, it could help you understand your body faster along with serge's routine.

    You will know when to eat because the body will tell you when it is hungry. It will tell you if you need protein and water. science is a guesstimate that changes over time. Whole foods and protein are the building blocks of building muscles. The body knows best than the scientists who don?t body build themselves. Digestion of food takes time; it is use for the next workout and for the next day.

    The routine Serge has given to the community is considered intermediate. It is intermediate because it is for you to understand the body and the three powers. Once you understand, the advance routine is not given by Serge, but created by yourself from learning from him based the three powers and understanding of your body.

    When modifying his routine, be sure follow the basic principles of his routine
    - high sets
    - low rest
    - 4-6 exercises per bodypart, with one exercise being a key compound exercise for each bodypart, eg: squat
    - choose the heaviest weight that allows you to finish all the sets, while keeping a low rest period. Remember to use your mind to make the weight heavier or lighter.
    - Whatever rest time, weight, sets etc you select, make sure it allows you get good pump and keep it for the duration of the workout.


    For serge's routine it is recommended to have a protein intake minimum of 2 grams per pound of body weight. Serge would have anywhere between 2-4 of protein per pound of bodyweight, but remember he did workout or much longer hours, your protein intake should increase as your workout intensity/duration increases. (also serge didn?t actually count the protein intake or the macronutrient ratio, as hcshao stated, serge ate according to his instincts) this science part was added for those who would still like to apply calculated approach to food. Lol here's basically it, lots of protein, minimized fat and generous-low amount of carbs.

    The large protein intake is preferred as serge stated that protein can be used as energy as well as building muscle, carbs and fat can only be used as energy. Carbohydrates aren't completely cut out of course, your carb intake is actually related to how good of a pump you get, so don't go for an atkins diet just yet.

    Philosophy - Mind, Emotional, and Physical, the 3 powers

    The strength of the mind power will allow you to fight through tough and difficult ordeals.

    Love is doing something that is not asks of you but doing it yourself because you are wanting to.

    Physical is the tire of the car being powered by the engine of the car (mind and love).

    When you love something, you will find ways to make it work. If people ridicule you, the strength of your mind will pull you through. He briefly mentioned about faith but did not really go into it.

    Serge's explanation
    MIND POWER IS YOU : Which nothing can disturb only your training or whatever you decide to accomplish. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF...NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE IN YOUR MIND.....

    EMOTIONAL OR LOVE : That is inside of you, you have to be born with it. LOVE has to be there at the beginning of your decision of doing what you decided to do. It's him which decided you to start, and the most you have inside of you for what you decided to do, faster you will find SOLUTIONS....

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