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#936446 Finished first AAS cycle (pics included)

Posted by kris90 on 03 June 2012 - 09:44 AM

So I just finished up my cycle which was technically 17 weeks long:

Weeks 1-5: Superdrol @ 20mg/ED
Weeks 4-15: Sustanon @ 500mg/wk (didn't get it in time that's why I started late)
Weeks 8-17: Clen (on and off)
Weeks 12-17: Epistane @ 30/40/40/50/50/50

This was only going to be a 4 week solo Superdrol cycle, but I ended up getting my hands on Sustanon 250, and I figured why not throw in some Epi to end the cycle. I started out bulking while on Superdrol, and then I ended up recomping, and then actually starting cutting on keto about a month ago. Some may not agree with the approach I took on this cycle, but summer is coming up, and I much prefer to have a lean, aesthetic physique rather than be thick and bloated. I have no regrets, and what I did worked well for me. I will never run an oral only cycle, I will always use Test as a base.

Before Weight: 184 lbs
After Weight: 195 lbs



I'm not done cutting yet. I am going to try and maintain while on PCT, and then I will do some carb cycling to try and cut down to 185 lbs.

Please provide feedback. How did I do? I can post training and diet as well if anyone is interested.
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#452253 Official Super Bowl XLIV ***Saints vs. Colts***

Posted by clarkie21 on 25 January 2010 - 09:04 AM

Saints please
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#1444686 Trestanon-250 Aka Tri-Ester-Trestolone

Posted by BoardAdmin on 12 July 2015 - 04:29 PM

Trestanon 250


100mg-Trestolone decaonate

100mg-Trestolone Phenylpropionate

 50-Trestolone Acetate


We are going world wide with this..Uk-Europe-Us  whole new look for this product   Any changes to Mg/ml please advice but i think it is a winner ..No one is going to stop me and I will not be bullied by the US Gov either

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#959746 what does DML look like? pics inside

Posted by kusch on 10 July 2012 - 02:56 PM

Wow, really? 6 negs for not knowing DML? Yikes. You guys need a bit more of a life, perhaps.
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#1449455 Test Blends

Posted by Nostrum on 11 August 2015 - 06:43 AM

I'm gonna start calling you Longstockings cuz you so Pippy.

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#954056 Designer Steroid Review: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Posted by 2LEGIT2QUIT on 01 July 2012 - 10:06 AM

The Good:
Methyl Masteron aka Superdrol (Primordial Performance Superdrone) It is widely known that Superdrol is king. I had the pleasure to try superdrone and ran it for 3 weeks at a maximum of 30mg. I actually stopped at day 20, why? It was too much! This shit blew me up and I hit PR's every single day. My frame could not support the fast gains that I made. I personally wouldn't run superdrol again but man do I recommend it for people looking to make some serious gains. This is the reigning champ of legal steroids.

Methyl Stenbolone: (Antaeus Labs Ultradrol) This was like superdrol in some ways but the two are also different. Like superdrol this yields explosive gains in a short period of time. However, I found it to be more suited for my needs. The sides weren't to harsh and it was much more "dry". Superdrol I wouldn't run for more than 3-4 weeks, ultradrol I could run for 6 weeks without feeling like my bodies going to give out.

Methyl Clostebol: (Antaeus Labs Mechabol) My current all time favorite. I was always a fan of h-drol. This gave me similar but better gains and I just felt really good when taking this almost euphoric. Great gains in lbm, sides weren't bad. Just all around a great steroid.

Dienolone: (Antaeus Labs Trenazone) I ran this with the expectations of a dry steroid. I didn't find it dry, in fact I rocked a nice bloat while on this. However, the end result when the bloat faded was an amazing recomp, my body has never been the same since in a good way. I was doing a lot of volume when I ran this, getting ready for the summer and a triathlon. My endurance was through the roof I could literally work out 2-3 hours a day 6 days a week sometimes twice a day without over training.

Epithio: (RPN Havoc/IBE Epistane) This seems to be a hit or miss with most people, with me it was a hit. I ran this at a max of 40mg. I have ran it on a bulk and on a recomp, both worked great. Amazing dry gains, not explosive but gradual. I also noticed that gyno I had gotten from a previous cycle went away.

11-Ketotestosterone:(Prototype Nutrition 11-Spray) I love when I get exactly what I expect from a steroid, no wild surprises. This is great as a standalone for a cut, an addition to a recomp stack, or as a bridge into PCT. Love this product.

The Bad:

Dimethazine: (Competetive Edge Labs) This is a popular steroid for many users, but not for me. I used Superdrol and Methyl Sten as a comparison for this one, so maybe I set the bar too high. I did make some nice gains, however I'm a fan of dry gains and these were pretty wet. I put on some terrible acne. This steroid also gave me a mild case of gyno :thefuk:. Overall I would never run this again and I would recommend Superdrol or Ultradrol before Dimethazine if ever asked.

Trenavar: (PHF Supplements Trenavar) Now I know I put Designer Steroid review and this is a prohormone, but I couldn't go without commenting on this one. Now I have ran real tren at a low dose of 50mg eod. When using trenavar I had a high bar set for it. At a high dose it did meet the expectation at a low dose it was fail. By high dose I mean 100mg ED for an 185 lb 5'9 guy. The money that cost was ridiculous and if I could go back in time I would have just bought a cycle of test and tren, but I'm not broke by any means and I can afford to be a guinea pig. If the price went down or the dose went up I would recommend it, but for now I will save my money.

The Ugly:

Before I get started let me say that it really dissappoints me to put this companies products on the ugly list. First of all I am a big fan of this company and what they have accomplished. In the past they made the best quality products, and they still do. On paper these products looked FANTASTIC, I know, I did the research myself. These guys have the customers best interest in mind and they really put themselves on the line designing these products. They scrapped the old and went to the drawing books. However, when you take a chance it doesn't always work so regretfully I will announce the ugly.

Andro Hard
Andro Drive : All by Primordial Performance
Andro Lean

I had very high hopes when running these products, I was looking to shed to bf, make small decent gains, and enjoy a mild cycle. I have been working out and dieting for many years, I had my diet on absolute point when running these and my training was on beast mode. With this the results were well horrible. The only notice was a little increase in vascularity, some minor fat loss, and a RIDICULOUSLY HORRIBLE case of acne. I now have to go spend more money at a dermatologist to fix the acne this gave me. I actually wish I could pay primordial perfomance the same price I paid for this shit to reverse all the effects. I use prohormones to boost my image, and now it's beach season and I don't like to take my shirt off. The acne I got on this is 100X worse than that I got on my test/tren/mast cycle. By the way I had my brother and friends try this stuff too, they all ended there cycle early disappointed with acne.

Sum it all up:

My experience has taught me that when going for a prohormone cycle. Sometimes it's fun to try the new concoctions but in the end I recommend to stick to what works. The designer steroids under the good have been around a long time, some products are new but the steroids are not. As you move down to the bad and the ugly you will notice that these products are much newer. This is why illegal steroids have so much fame, they have been around a long time and are proven to work, and you know what your going to get. The new stuff is just a crap shoot and typically a companies attempt at revolutionizing a market that loves it's roots.

As for the companies I have no affilitation with any of these companies and I don't have any agenda to harm them. I buy all my stuff from PHF I love them, but I don't love some of the new products. If I had to choose a leader in the D/S world I would say Antaeus Labs has seriously stepped up there game, I can always depend on the products they sell. I also still have a lot of faith in Primordial Performance. There products like 1-T Tren, Turinabol, Superdrone were absolutely amazing. They have tweeked there business trying to give something a shot which I give them credit for, it just didn't work for me or the people I know that used them. But they are a great company with the customers best interests in mind, if they come out with new versions of these products I may actually be the first to try them, but for now I will stay away.
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#436228 ***attention phf cheap bloodwork link inside***

Posted by heavydeadlifts on 10 January 2010 - 07:40 AM

Here is the trick. Go to privatemdlabs.com and select the hormone panel for females. This test comes with a CMP (liver, kidney values and more), CBC (blood counts), total Testosterone, total Estrogen, LH and FSH.

I have done this a few times before and all your reference ranges come back based on males once you enter in all the info that the lab co wants.

Also use the discount code JAN10BSTA (MOD EDIT: XB49W8 seems to be working as well). Total should come to 50 dollars.

They use labcorp so just select a location nearest you. You can also make an appointment to have blood drawn, which many people don't know. Just go to their website (labcorp) to do so after you paid for the bloodwork.

If you go on a weekday (except friday) you will have your results emailed to you the next day most likely as they are that fast as effff!!!!

The only thing missing is a lipid profile, which you could add on if you so choose.

So STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR NOT GETTING BLOODWORK DONE!!!!!!!!! You most likely won't be able to beat this price even if you do have insurance!!!!

So take advantage of the loophole I found as the male hormonal panel costs about 100 dollars!!!!!

do it phaggots:doitfaggot::doitfaggot::doitfaggot::doitfaggot::doitfaggot::doitfaggot::doitfaggot::doitfaggot::doitfaggot::doitfaggot:
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#1461864 The Official Where’S Ba Been In 2015 Thread

Posted by BoardAdmin on 28 October 2015 - 10:06 PM

I know that there have been many of you that have been asking this question pretty much the whole 2015 year. I have literally only popped in on a few occasions and addressed a few posts and barely even responding to my PMs. Many of you even feel like I have given up on this forum but that is far from the truth. I don’t know if it has ever been explained from me personally so that members could understand and relate to what was preventing me from being the same old BA that they remembered and had grown to love……..

Sure, we have given several updates on what has been going on over the last year and what I have been dealing with and Nostrum has been great at giving the members the latest info but what has been missing is my presence here and everything that the members look forward to when I come here and talk about what is coming next. A lot of people have been wondering why I haven't been posting and it wasn't until one of our marketing reps came back to me last week and told me he was talking to some guys at his gym about PHF and they knew exactly who I was and how much they used to love coming to this forum and seeing my posts and how I would bring the hammer down and talk about all the innovative products I was working on and that made me feel bad that I have spent so much time away from this forum.

I feel like it is time that I come and tell my members exactly what I have been struggling with and start bringing some life and hope back to this forum. I worked too damn hard on building this forum and my reputation here and of any business that I have been involved with to just let it all get taken away without a fight. The very fact that I am willing to fight back and still come up with many new and exciting products despite what roadblocks get put in our way is the reason why so many of you come to this board and respect what I have to say, so I am here today to explain what I have been doing and why I haven't been as active in 2015. It wasn't just the products that were lost with the bill passing at the end of 2014, or the troubles we had due to staff or merchant processing companies or even the loss of my sister that really prevented me from coming back to the forum.

The thing that I pride myself on the most is being able to bring out innovative new products and sure the bill getting passed had its impact on new product development but it sure the hell didn't stop my plans and it wouldn’t have even slowed me down. I was used to being able to add new products regularly but the sudden loss of available funds due to discontinuing so many of our top selling products, the new retail store opening right after the ban (which also took most of my available time), our merchant account was closed because dietary supplements were now being classified as high risk and then the new high risk merchant processor
held funds nearly the whole month of august (pending cite inspection of our warehouse) …….these where the real reasons I couldn’t come out with new products like I had planned and promised. The other issues we faced this year …..issues with staff or changes in warehouse operations ….these all required even more of my time to be sure that every issue was corrected and assure there wouldn’t be the same issues ever again. We have had to put many new product additions and most of our expansion plans on hold because there were just too many things that needed hands on attention at my warehouse locations and I had to step in and correct many of them hands on which also was putting more and more of my plans on hold.

More recently we have finally gotten to a point to where we were ready to introduce Trestonon-250 and even better the whole New Platinum Series and we had just gotten started designing the new box and label series when I got an email from our supplier in response to our newest trestolone re-order.  Now we are getting hit with the news that they are relocating their chemical lab and no new orders will be able to ship for 2-3 months. In case any of you were wondering why we added Trestonon-250 to the Pure Oils website but never even announced it on the forums or in our broadcast email, well this is the reason why. We sold so much of the trestolone decanoate when we put it back in stock that we only had enough raws left to make about 300 bottles of Trestonon-250 but we put in the new order for trestolone decanoate and acetate in enough time only to receive the news that all orders would be delayed. Before we could even announce Trestonon-250 for sale we sold out of all 300 bottles in a little over a week and we now have a considerable delay before we can get more raw materials.

Our source gave us a projection of 2-3 months before they would be able to resume operations and complete our order. The sudden change in the status of their lab operations have put a hold on our plans to release many new blends that were a part of the new Platinum Series and we will most likely be out of stock of all Trestolone Esters (when we run out of the remaining stock of Trestolone Phenylpropionate and the Phenyl-Ace) for the next few months while our supplier relocates their chemical lab.

I know in the news there recently have been several large scale accidents and explosions associated with chemical labs in China and several thousand people died causing a lot of contraversy. We do not know for certain if this is the reason for the abrupt closure and we were not given many details other than that they are relocating (if possible). The area officials where they were located gave them an order to close their facility a few weeks ago and told that there were environmental hazard restrictions now in place but we have been assured that they will reopen and resume taking orders but unfortunately we didn't receive notice in time to order at least a few more KG of the Trestolone esters to hold us over until they can start production again.

I have already locked in a quote from another supplier that we have been with for years so we will have more news about the status of the Platinum Series and even though we will have a little bit of a wait on the restock for Trestonon-250, I would be interested in what feedback we see from the lucky 300 and again I wanted to come here and let all the members know that I will be around the forum a lot more in the months to come. I still have a lot on my plate with the day to day operations at the warehouses and retail store which I am now visiting daily to be sure that everything is operating up to my standards.

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#1456117 I Am Back Participating Regularly On This Board

Posted by Nostrum on 15 September 2015 - 01:23 PM

I told you guys I'd get him back.



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#1448555 Would Someone Please

Posted by Nostrum on 05 August 2015 - 09:22 PM

Excellent.  I'll see to it you're rewarded for your effort.


There are so many good things left.  I have a few gems I'm trying to get BA to make for me... err us.. yeah, all of us...

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#1442815 Received My Po Phone Call

Posted by spinyvegeta on 01 July 2015 - 05:09 PM

What are you wearing?

"Jake" from Pure Oils.
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#452287 Official Super Bowl XLIV ***Saints vs. Colts***

Posted by smcmichaeljr on 25 January 2010 - 09:47 AM

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#1508253 Nanophera..................lets Spin This Shit!

Posted by Looseunitwa on 07 August 2016 - 11:03 PM

Got me two bottles. Starting it today, sorry started it today.

Simple stats 198lbs - 6ft - 12-15% bf. 48yrs old since last Wednesday. My fourth child arrived 2 weeks ago too. A boy and he's a star already!

Going to run a ml 25mg a day split morning and evening as the bottle states. 250mg sus ew throughout.

Hope: hoping for strength increases on the big three only, squat, deadlift and bench. Percentage increases given if they occur.
I will go for PR on them once every week whilst running the compound. Off days will be to assists to help me also increase strength on the three. Like for squats do box squats, for deadlifts 1 and halves and chest floor presses, stuff like that.

Will be running maintence calories. This being to see if the compound effects hunger. Simple really, if it makes me hungry, me eats more. If it doesn't...........will try and eat more as long as strength is happening.

I will log anything and everything I FEEL on this compound from libido, energy etc.

Please feel free to ask any questions as I go along, no matter how sexy they maybe.

First up taste, very metallic machine like taste..........prob tastes the same as Pats jizz. That's bc only a fukin machine like transformer can deadlift 675lbs with a smile lol.

The dropper has 1/2ml and full ml measurement lines on it so that helps.

Will be running Tudca of course. I have enough for up to 1000mg ed.

As I go along, if pretty much not happening positively in the first couple of weeks, will more than likely increase dose but let's see how everything pans out. Also states on the bottle not to take more than 1.5ml ed.

So let's see if this shit works. I've peaked for me at the big three and if I can get good significant increases in strength, me a happy old man!

Training session today, nothing special as to be expected.

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#1433800 Well I Did It Guys!

Posted by TheMyth89 on 06 May 2015 - 09:13 AM

Will be graduating this Saturday with a degree in education human sciences.  My full degree is Nutrition / Exercise / Health Sciences and Dietetics with a minor in Gerontology.  


I've been in school part time since 2008, taking 8-10 credits a semester since then.  I went through chem 109 lecture and lab, chem 110 lecture and lab, organic chem 251 and organic chem lab 253 and finally biochemistry 321 lecture and lab.  I'm proud of the work I've done in those classes, chemistry are some of the toughest courses I've ever taken.


Just a proud personal moment!! 

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#498080 150lb transformation in 1 year. Then filling it all in the next "with pic...

Posted by bigbuzzum on 13 March 2010 - 05:19 PM

Been overweight all my life, with turning 21 and living a disgusting lifestyle I made it up to 355lbs. I never liked my weight. My turning point came when I had a party and was the only guy there who didn't get attention from girls..I woke up that summer morning and decided that I was gona try a diet once again.
La Fitness was opening up in a few weeks, and my step bro who was always in shape told me I should join. I knew nothing about working out, and not a thing about dieting.
Started at the gym and trying to eat less junk and lost a few pounds, did a lot of cardio, even tho I was too fat to run. Got into lifting and started lurking on the bodybuilding.com forums. I was loosing about 3-5lbs a week.
I started becoming interested in diets and good foods, cleaned up my diet more and more. I exercised my ass off and put myself thru hell. I was loosing a ton of weight, but it wasn't easy, I hated it. Once I started seeing results, I pushed harder and harder, sometimes I would do cardio 3 times a day and lift on top of it. I just wanted to drop my weight as soon as possible. After about a year I got down to 205 for a little.
So here is my 1 year 150lb transformation. Posted Image

I was happy with where I was, and also happy with being able to stay around 210 even when I slowed down on lifting and brought some calories up. I kept up with lifting and cardio. I now lift 5 days a week, and do cardio all the time. I don't mind, I consider spending a hour or so a day on myself to keep looking good is well worth it.
I wanted to fill in a little bit and went on a lil bulk. I ate kinda dirty, nothing outrageous and got strong as fuck. Got up to 225 lb's and have started dieting back down. I'm around 210, weak as hell again but I'm more cut then ever and took some updated pics today.
Posted Image

Front "My skin is really loose, so don't get on me about it, I try hitting chest harder then I hit anything, and I'm lacking a little, but my chest and belly are where I stored all my fat.
Posted Image

Posted Image

And let's rep some Purus.
Posted Image

I just wanted to thank everyone for how much I've learned from the community and how amazing I feel.
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#453761 Official Super Bowl XLIV ***Saints vs. Colts***

Posted by brantz469 on 26 January 2010 - 02:45 PM

aints plz
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#4500 skinnyboipgh's nutrition

Posted by skinnyboipgh on 13 November 2008 - 09:48 PM

This will be a summary of my intake.

General notes:

1. I am allergic to milk proteins so u will sea no dairy products in my diet.

2. I keep my % fat calories fairly high to help hormone levels and help me feel satisfied between meals, but I do hold the line on total calories.

3. I'm an insulin-dependant diabetic (since I was 17), so "bulking" & gaining a lot of weight would be very unhealthy for me.

4. My objective is to add muscle mass slowly, while maintaining single-digit % BF.
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#1491802 Nostrum's New Compounds

Posted by Nostrum on 21 May 2016 - 06:57 PM

Rob can have the DSHEA compliant crowd. My products are for serious hobbyist researchers!
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#1430706 Fwb Texts Me Pic Of What Looks Like A Date

Posted by TripleOvertime on 18 April 2015 - 12:32 AM

So you threw away your car keys. I'm glad you're taking my advice. 1 down 2 to go.
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#1423932 Liquid Dianadrol

Posted by BoardAdmin on 12 March 2015 - 06:18 PM

we did it at 10mg becauase the amount of solvent it would be nasty as hell.. just take more ..we are working on something esle  but untill then it will be at 10mg... sorry guy's...we are working on a finding a cap company as we speak..This new ban messed up alot things ..I am doing my best to keep things going guy's and the only one the ball to do it...Rememer this..it will always be high quality and that will never change no matter what ways it comes

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