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Add A Ph To My Next Blast.

AAS Today, 02:15 PM
So starting my summer blast next week. 1000 mg test e 500 mg npp Week 1-10 Then gonna switch out the npp and add tren to finish off the last 8 weeks. Kind of what to add in an oral in the beginning but not sure what. Never ran an oral with inectables only ran em solo when I was younger and stup...
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Purity Solutions Spring Sale Extended 5 More Days!

Prohormone Forum Today, 02:03 AM
We are extending our Spring Sale 5 More Days.  New Sale End Date 04/28/2017 We have our detailed sale newsletter attached.      Sincerely  Natalie Barton - Purity Solutions Admin (Cell) 985-7053957 - Text Preferred Important Update Available Below: We have a ne...
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Look What I Found!

Prohormone Forum 22 Apr 2017
I haven't been on these forums in years but damn I found this box in my closet and felt the need to share. Haven't run a cycle in at least 3 years but this tempts me. Anyone still holding on to a special rainy day stash?         
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Hi-Tech Extracts Igf-1 From Whey Protein

Misc. 21 Apr 2017
WOW! This is actually very big news-   April 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Inc., today announced the successful extraction of IGF-1 production of Insulin-like growth factor type 1 (IGF-1) from whey protein.   The so-called growth factors in whey peptides,...
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Stopping Cycle Abruptly Consequences 3 Ad

Prohormone Forum 20 Apr 2017
I am new to prohormones and recently started taking Anabolic Warfare's Alpha Shr3ADed, which I believe has the prohormone 3 AD and possibly an estrogen blocker. I am just under 2 weeks of my 4 week cycle and am going on an unexpected vacation, accidentally leaving my prohormones at home. Is the...
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