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Super-Dmz Rx 5.0 Blow-Out Clearance Sale

IronMagLabs Today, 02:47 PM
GET IT NOW, IT WILL NEVER BE MADE AGAIN!SHOP --> www.ironmaglabs.comSHOP --> www.ironmaglabs.com
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Preparing For My Spring/summer Cycle Which One?

AAS Yesterday, 12:34 PM
So, im looking for a bloat free/ lethargy free/ anxiety free cycle.   ive narrowed it down to two options   1) Test Prop 500mg Mast prop 350 mg Primo 800mg   2) test prop 500mg Mast prop 350mg DHB 600-800mg   i am cutting now, so my goal will be recomp/light bulk without the a...
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I Need Help If My Havoc Is Legit Or Not

Prohormone Forum 17 Feb 2017
I ordered havoc off eBay and the guy had very positive reviews and and it seems okay however the smell isn't really strong but the pills are white with a white substance inside when broken open. The smell is kind of like a fart but not strong at all. Expiration date on the bottom of the bottle. P...
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The 'animal' Passes

Misc. 17 Feb 2017
GTA has expired.   I haz a sad. Will be in the news later I'm sure.
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