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Supplements Today, 07:16 AM
Right guys. What do you think is lacking in the general supplement section. What categories would you think should be explored. Nootropics, ergogenics, pres etc. What do you think needs brought to the fore front. Not looking for copy cat products although if it's something that needs improved or...
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What Would You Guys Like To See Most.

Prohormone Forum Today, 07:07 AM
Keep it simple and sensible. But new products wise. Capped and TD etc. Oral solutions. Don't need to go down the route of banned substances either. Let's maybe get a ball rolling.
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Olympus Uk Sup3R-11 Solo

Prohormone Forum Yesterday, 10:25 AM
I am thinking to run Olympus UK SUP3R-11 solo for 8 weeks   do i have to buy 2 bottles and run in as 4ml for 8 weeks or1 bottle and run it 2ml for 8 weeks?   On cycle Pure Cycle Protect PCT Nolvadex (20/20/10/10) for 4 weeks AlphaMax XT for 4 weeks It is oK?
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Can I Stack Var/tbol On A Cut?

AAS 25 May 2017
I am looking at an 8 week cutting cycle using 250mg test cyp as a base. I have Var and Tbol on deck. Can I do 50mg Tbol and 60mg Var or is that too much orals?   I am using N2 Guard for cycle support as well as Tudca.
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Equipose-Only Cycle

Prohormone Forum 24 May 2017
I've read alot of responses here and elsewhere and it seems pretty evident that for any Equipose cycle, Test E should be run with it at the same time.  Unfortunately, that isn't an option for me since I only have one bottle of Test left.  Long story, another time.    I was thi...
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