I'm thinking about doing my first prohormone cycle, this is going to be quite some time from now. I need to do all the proper research. One question I have at this point is. If I'm currently working out 5 days a week hitting every body part once a week and getting gains, would this be enough during a cycle? Should I be hitting everything 2x a week?

Monday - chest/abs
Tuesday -Back/calves
Wed - quads
Thrusday - Shoulder/tri/abs
Friday - Bi/ham/calves

I would like to workout 6x a week but my current job basically makes me work so I get 0 gym time on sat. Currrently in the process of getting a new job were I would be off friday sat and sunday. with that being said, I wouldnt start a PH till I get the new job and stop making gains. With my new Job i will be able to eat a hell of a lot more due to the increase pay and hrs.

This post is just out of curiosity.