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PCT Supplement Guide

PCT Supplements

Today, bodybuilders and athletes are able to achieve body physiques and strength previously thought to be out of reach. This is attributed to the use of pro-hormones. As cutting agents, pro-hormones work by binding themselves to androgen receptors in the body. By doing so, a bunch of signals is sent which promotes protein and nitrogen retention at the cellular level. This improves muscle generation, muscle repair an inhibits fat gain.


However, it is important to maintain a state of homeostasis to prevent experiencing crashes that are too common with anabolic steroid users. To do so, it is important to focus on your post cycle therapy. By doing so, you re-balance your body’s hormone production so as to remain healthy.


In this article, we will cover what is post cycle therapy and how to use PCT supplements.


What is Post Cycle Therapy?


This is the process whereby bodybuilders and athletes transition from working out and taking pro-hormones to improve muscle gain and getting your body back to homeostasis.


It can also be described as the process whereby supplements are used to regulate hormone production once a user cycles off pro-hormones. What you ought to know is that failure to plan or initiate a good PCT, you stand to experience the following side effects:



    • Hypertension or high blood pressure


    • Loss of all gains


    • Gyno



To understand how PCT is beneficial, you must first understand how steroids affect the human body specifically among men. We all know that testosterone is produced in male sex organs. For this to be possible, two hormones are needed. They are:



    • Follicle stimulating hormone


    • Hormones luteinizing hormone



These hormones send signals to your body to initiate the production of testosterone. When you begin taking steroids, the chain is broken. Basically, anabolic steroids block the release of the two hormones which means testosterone will not be produced. This helps to improve muscle gain.


When you stop taking anabolic steroids, your body is stuck in a biological problem. This means low testosterone levels. To correct this, you need post cycle therapy supplements.


How to use PCT supplements


To ensure post cycle therapy is effective, you need to include the following:



    • Selective estrogen receptor modulator


    • Aromatase inhibitor



The first step is to take Selective estrogen receptor modulator. SERMs work by controlling estrogen effects which help to maintain your muscle gains, prevents gynos and also boosts your testosterone levels. Without SERMs, the low levels of testosterone and withdrawal of anabolic steroids can cause all manner of problems in the body.


One of the most popular SERMs is Nolvadex. Although it has been found to have adverse side effects, it is an estrogen modulator that helps to prevent and treat breast cancer. As a prescription drug, it works by increasing your testosterone levels which in turn restores the natural production of hormones in your body.


Research shows that the recommended supplementation schedule should be as follows:



    • PCT Day One – start with 10 mg


    • PCT Day Two to Day Ten – take 60 mg


    • PCT Day Eleven to Day Twenty – take 40 mg



By following the PCT supplementation schedule above, your body should attain the state of homeostasis.


The second part of your PCT therapy starts with an aromatase inhibitor. This is a compound that helps to lower the level of aromatase, an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen. Taking an aromatase inhibitor boosts the production of testosterone fast.


Apart from boosting the natural production of testosterone, the aromatase inhibitor works by preventing the occurrence of gyno. So, to fast-track the post cycle therapy process, you need to use both SERMs and an aromatase inhibitor.


Final Thoughts


It is common for bodybuilders and athletes to go the extra mile when it comes to post cycle therapy. These supplements not only help to boost testosterone levels but they help to keep your organs healthy, control cholesterol and blood pressure naturally.


So, when shopping for SERMs, an aromatase inhibitor and other supplements necessary for PCT, take your time and find genuine products.


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