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DMZ Prohormone

Super DMZ

DMZ Prohormone

DMZ is also known as Dimethylzine and has zero water retention. It is an anabolic designer that uses the technology of Azine Bond. It is a unique product in the market since it has a molecular structure. The clinical research has concluded that the product has the same effects or greater on the building of muscles as compared to other products like Anadrol, winstrol and testosterone propionate. It is recommended for people who desire to develop their muscles and build their physique. The use of DMZ increases the vascularity of the users and also lean dry, full muscle gains.


What to expect from using the product

DMZ is known for its compound nature, and it helps the users to gain huge sizes, strengthening the muscles and fullness. In one cycle, one is guaranteed of gaining more than 20 pounds and make dramatic strength gains in a week. For the people who will wish to have muscle build up, DMZ is the best product for them since it causes rapid cell swelling giving one a hard look they desire.

DMZ Dosage

The product is cycled in four to six weeks, and users who are starters are advised to start with two caps in a day most preferably before the workout and the second cap after six or eight hours. The advanced users, on the other hand, can take up to three caps taken in the morning, pre-workout and the evening.


 Is cycle support necessary?

The users running the DMZ cycles are supposed to take cycle support to help them manage the high blood pressures and stress caused by its use. While still running the cycles, people are advised to take post cycle therapy to assist them in managing their challenges and the changes taking place in their bodies. A product like the Post Cycle 3x can be used to make records of all the gain achieved in every cycle.

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