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Epistane Cycle Info

IF you’re a weightlifting buff? Then, you probably know about Epistane. Never heard of it? Also referred to as “Epi”, the pro-hormone has the capability of taking your muscle mass to the next level. As a member of the DHT family, Epi has helped bodybuilders boost their strength gains. With a melting point of 130 degrees, it is non-progestanic in nature.

Week one of your cycle

The first week of your cycle should be the cleansing stage, this is the time where you will want to cleanse the body of any toxins you can. To start you will want to squeeze half of a lemon into a 1/4 cup of warm water and drink first thing in the AM. Repeat this process in the evening before bed. This will help remove any toxins from the liver and help to get your live up to 100 percent operating capacity. Since this is a methylated prohormone this step is pretty important. Step two is to start taking some sort of over the counter cycle support. There are tons of brands on the market I personally use Blackstone Labs Gear Support. You will want to take this for the next several weeks during your cycle. This is very important to your health don’t try to be a macho man here. Trust me it’s worth the $35.00 to have your liver function properly.

Cycle Length

What is the average cycle length for EPI? I personally don’t like to push a cycle of Epi for more than 6 weeks. If this is your very first cycle then I suggest keeping it short and only running a 4 week cycle. This compound is very liver toxic so running any longer than 6 weeks is asking for problems. Once you decide the length of your cycle its a good idea to run your liver support for 2 weeks past your PH cycle. This theory should be used with any PH cycle to help keep you protected. You will also want to start your PCT supplement with a bridge between you Epi. So on the last week of your cycle its best to start your PCT cycle. I normally use Eradicate but for this compound you wont need the estrogen blocker.


What Is Epistane

This is a dihydrotestosterone clone which has similar characteristics to epitiostanol, a Japanese anti-estrogen drug. As an anabolic steroid containing sulfur, this compound has a strong and long lasting anti-estrogenic property. Due to these factors many bodybuilders have called this compound a cutting prohormone. Even though Epi doesn’t burn fat it helps to add lean dry muscle giving you a more ripped look. Many bodybuilders use this as a pre competition cycle in order to increase lean muscle mass during extreme dieting.


Many people have mistaken this PH with anti-estrogen but it’s not. Why? It does not cause estrogen side effects and its lower in estrogen. Popularly used by athletes and weight lifting buffs, epi has the capability of delivering lean muscle gains. Also, its great for strength gains.


As a designer hormone, it is a powerful active compound which works by attaching itself to androgen receptor sites but more of that later in the “How Epi helps to increase muscle mass” section. Keep in mind just because Epi isn’t classified as a mass builder it is still one of the most anabolic compounds ever to hit the market.



History Of Epistane


Developed in Japan in 1966, Epi was originally called methepitiostane. The scientists intended to create a methylated version of mepitiostane that could be taken orally. Also, it was formulated to help fight breast cancer together with Nolvadex. Basically, both compounds were supposed to work by fighting off excess hormones while limiting the production of estrogen in the body.



This prohormone became popular in the early 2000s. This was after the compound was introduced as a diet supplement. Since then, it has become one of the most popular cutting agents for athletes and bodybuilders. In 2014 this powerful compound became banned in the United states due to the 2014 Prohormone act. This new ban passed by President Obama would stop the manufacturing of all of this compound within the US. This brought big change to the Supplement nutrition world, allowing manufacture of DHEA or 1-andro pros to hit the market hard to fill the hole.



How Epistane helps to increase muscle mass


As said earlier, this compound is a prohormone that binds itself to androgen receptor sites located in muscle stem cells. Once the compound binds itself, a signal is created. This signal instructs your body at the cellular level to increase retention of nitrogen and synthesis of protein. By doing so, your body is able to undergo rapid muscle growth and repair.


This is very crucial to athletes and bodybuilders, especially during post-workout recovery. How? As one lifts weights or runs on the track, tiny tears occur on muscles. Thanks to protein synthesis at the cellular level, repairs are done quickly which also helps to increase muscle mass.



When it comes to cutting, this compound fuses with your muscle stem cells which inhibits the formation of fat cells. As such, your body experiences improved stem cell conversion.



Basically, the stem cells are converted to muscle cells which improve your training and nutrition. This is why this prohormone is effective when it comes to muscle generation and repairs.



What you need to know is that if you have too much estrogen in your body, then you may experience weight gain. Apart from that, you may experience a little bit of discomfort because you will feel bloated. With Epi, such side effects are avoided and that is why it is a popular compound among bodybuilders and athletes.


Pros of Epi
As a cutting agent, Epi can help you achieve dry and lean muscles within a very short period. This can be achieved with a cutting cycle. Primarily used as an anabolic agent, it helps to increase muscle growth without the harsh effects of an androgen.


To achieve all the above, the compound binds to androgen receptors in the muscle stem cells and skeletal muscles. This improves protein and nitrogen retention at the cellular level. Also, it inhibits fat cell production resulting in minimal fat gain.


Side Effects
Research shows that this compound has no side effects. For instance, you will not be aggressive, you won’t lose your hair and your libido. This is why the compound is perfect for male bodybuilders. For women, the presence of estrogen in their body can promote weight gain instead of dry and lean muscles. Some side effects to watch for of course is liver toxicity since it is a methylated pro this is always possible. Acne is another side effect of this PH as it increases hormone levels in our body.


To get the best results, use on-cycle support.




Where to Buy
Epistane is banned in the united states, please save your money and do not buy any epi or any other prohormones from ebay these are fakes and wont do anything but empty your wallet. You can probably find a bottle of Havoc at but they are located in the UK. Just keep in mind that Havoc or any epi base product is illegal in the United States. So if you live within the US use caution for two reasons. First its against the law and second it may not make it past customs so you will be out your money. REMEMBER one thing if its for sale in the US its either one not the true compound or its a fake.

Is it safe for women

I would not recommend this product for women. Anytime a female takes a hormone of any kind the side effects are pretty strong, facial hair, deepening of voice, missed periods and the list goes on. There are some women that are ok with these types of sides. If you don’t want to look or sound like a dude I suggest staying away from this product and finding another alternative.
DISCLAIMER: This information on this page is not to be used as medical advise this is just information that we gathered on the world wide web. Be sure to check with a licensed physician before starting any type of PH cycle.


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