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How To Dose Research Chemicals By Maximus

Dosing Research Chemicals for Dummies

This is so we don’t have to address the question, “Ok, so I have X & it says X/ml, how do I dose it?” every single day…

First off…

Ditch the dropper/sprayer that came with your research chemical. It is highly inaccurate & you do not want to mess up your dosing.

Instead, go to your local CVS/Walgreens/etc. & ask for an oral syringe at the pharmacy. Please notice how I bolded, italicized, & underlined oral syringe. That means that I am serious when I say you need one of these.

Usually, you can get an oral syringe at your local pharmacy for free without any questions asked.

Type of oral syringes for your research chemical…

There are several different variations of the oral syringes each with their own graduations. Which one should you get? Well, it depends on the chemical…

Clenbuterol/Albuterol – Use a 1ml graduated oral syringe.
SERMs – Use a 2ml graduated oral syringe.


Ok, so each chemical has its own concentration which differs from each manufacturer & chemical.

Say I have a 30ml bottle of Tamoxifen Citrate that says “20mg/ml.”

This simply means that 1ml of the solution will yield approximately 20mg of Tamoxifen Citrate.

Also, this means that there is a total of 600mg of Tamoxifen Citrate in that bottle (30ml x 20mg/ml = 600mg).

How to do it…

The easiest way to throw off your dosing is to allow air pockets to enter your oral syringe when dosing.

This almost always happens because there will be a little air pocket sucked up into the syringe from the tip. I find that that easiest way to prevent this is to suck the solution into the syringe, then squirt it back into the bottle. Then you want to suck it back up again & you shouldn’t have any more air pockets!

Then simply squirt the solution into your rat’s mouth.

Now you know how to correctly dose your research chemicals using an oral syringe.

If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can improve this, please let me know!

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