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Celtic/lgi Dmz/ment Cycle Layout

dmz lgi celtic labs prohormone cycle strength pct serm mentabolone

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#1 Divine


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Posted 21 October 2014 - 12:21 PM

First off let me state that this is far from my first cycle ever.. I've ran superdrol, epi, hdrol, maxlmg, pmag, basically all of the oldies besides m1t). I have never used dmz, so this is a treat! I have a bottle of Celtic Lab's Dmz 90 count @ 15mgs a cap. I have a bottle of Lgi's Dmz 75 count @ 15mgs a cap. I have a pack of Ment from Phf's store 150 count @ 5mgs a tab. For pct I have a bottle of HCP's Tamoxifen Citrate, so I can fully complete my research on my kangaroos (I live in usa, not aus, just fyi lol). I also have a bottle of Eradicate (androst 3,5); otc estro blocker. No on cycle support! I have the money, I just don't feel it is needed for such a light cycle.. Yes, this is a light cycle to me! I get blood work done twice a year, and I check my blood pressure no sh!t once a week at least.. lol.. So i'll be fine..


First lets talk about pct.. Since everyone loves to talk about pct lol  :hammer:  I plan on either running 20/20/20/20 or 30/20/20/10 for my research with the SERM. Then either over lap the last week or start on the day of, when the serm is finished, a full 4 week bottle of Eradicate to prevent any sort of rebound from the SERM. I do have DAA (d-aspartic acid) I could run along with the Serm @ 3gms a day, but I don't feel it is important to use on this cycle imo.


Alright, now that pct is covered, lets move onto the sh!t people care about  :punk: I plan on either running dmz for 6 or 8 weeks. The 6 being, 45/45/45/60/60/60 (preferred). The 8 being, 45/45/45/45/45/45/45/45, which would leave me 1 day short in caps, but 1 day won't make or break a long cycle such as.. I wanted to run the Ment preworkout only, as I've being searching everywhere that you peeps LOVE to take it 30-45 mins preworkout at 20-50mgs. Would this affect how it works, if I only run it preworkout and not 2-3 hrs spread throughout the day after my first dose (I've read the half life is short as tits). I know you're suppose to maintain levels in the blood by appropriate dosing time w/ most orals, but would it really matter? I'm mainly using it for pump/ aggression. The muscle building effects from it, if any at such a low dose being spiked like so, would just be an added benefit.. I plan on running it the last 4 weeks of either the 6 or 8 weeks of dmz. So it would help with lethargy (I've read trest/ ment acts as a "test base") towards the end, being this is an oral only cycle this time around. For better understanding, I would like to run Ment 0/0/25/25/25/25 or 0/0/0/0/25/25/25/25. Hopefully 25mgs will be enough.. I am a 250lb guy lol  :w00t: It just so happens, 25mgs a day (5 tabs) comes out to be 30 days worth from a 150 count packet as well (PERFECT :))!


* I will not be taking any kind of cycle support.. go ahead and give me SH!T lol 


The goals from this cycle is to see how well Celtic lab's/ Phf's PHs/DSs are. I have ran LGI in the past multiple times, and we all know they are gtg as fuark.. Never a shot in the dark with their products! On other hand, as you suspected, I have never tried anything from Celtic or Phf! So this is a first time experience! Virgin  :tt2:  lol. I plan on running Celtic's dmz the first 2-4 weeks of the cycle alone depending on whether it's a 6 or 8 weeker. Just so I can see how well I like their product before adding anything else in. By the time I switch over from Celtic's to Lgi's, there should be no difference since they're both trusted company's. I should then be able to tell if I like the addition of Ment as a preworkout add-in only or not.


I am a strength athlete that has hypertrophy goals in mind, so basically a "powerbuilder". I know both of the compounds listed are amazing for strength/ hypertrophy based of a    ton of reviews i've read! So they should be geared towards my goals.. I already have my diet/ sleep/ training in check.. Now it's up to the drugs.. Lets see how this cycle treats me boys!!! 


*This is not a log


- Phil



#2 bulkbruh18


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Posted 21 October 2014 - 04:04 PM

how old are you brotha?

#3 Divine


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Posted 21 October 2014 - 04:21 PM

how old are you brotha?

21, which gives you reason to believe I have cycled before at a younger age.. Which is true.. lol  :pinch:

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