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Bloods A Month Back Into Pct-

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#1 Happy234


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Posted 24 January 2015 - 03:47 AM

total test 26  normal levels 250-850

free test 6.2   normal levels 35-155


I could post my other results as well hemglobin is high, neutr is low, red blod count high, eos-high thats the only concerns.


This is one month into PCt, used a triptoreliin shot by a certain company, using 20 mgs nolva a day(purity), daa 3 grrams a day


 Last cycle before this was trest decaat 150 mgs a week and 1 force bold 200 at 600 mgs a day.  started trt at 100 mgs a week in april 2014 after trying to get test levels up for two years


the past ten years done ten otc ds/ph cycles (thats an average of ne cycle a year) for 6-8 weeks and labs always came back good. at 28 years old, after a 14ad cycle- had test in 500's.         after a 14 month ds/ph cycle getting ready for a contest my test levels have always been 200-300and couldnt get them up.  that cycle i used was trenavar , which makes me think its supressive    Guys this is nothing to play with I thought my test levels would always come back within reasn since I always used lower doses, guess what i found out, lower dosing can lower as much as normal and high dosing(not that ill up by dose that much bc i still grow off up what many consider smalleer-moderate doses currently)


main points are for the young guys to prolong being on trt , dont cycle more than 6-8 weeks, research has shown any more than 10-12 weeks is highly supressive and takes months vs weeks to get test levels back, in my case mine never came back at 31 years old-do the research I think Bill Roberts has some studies/literature on this


another main point. - one month into pct after a trip shot, nolva and daa test levels are 26.  

trest is some suprssive stuff either that or triptorlin was bunk, am i allowed to list where i got it from?      I took one 100 mcg shot (I studied it for many hours over many months and years and used it responsibly), and i would think the nolvafrom purity and tthe daa would have helped. In short my girlfriend may very well have higher testosterone levels than me right now because im in the range of a normal girls test levels, and been in pct a month on these test(almost two months now) and still have some dissappointing test levels


hope you get some take a way stuff from this

#2 Volvo140G


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Posted 25 January 2015 - 08:44 PM

Thanks for sharing

To clarify, did u mean to say you were on a 14 week cycle, or was it really 14 months?

#3 Happy234


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Posted 26 January 2015 - 12:51 PM

14 weeks back in 2012


phera 10/10/15/15/15/15



11-kt spray                                                            300/300/300/300


it was something like this so it was more like 17 weeks?  its been almost three years ago so I got the doses right, think i got the weeks and overlap pretty accurate.      yeah before this cycle every cycle was 6-8 weeks.   and bloodwork-testosterone came back good.    After this cycle I stopped using for two full years and have blood-work done five times,  normal was 200-250.      I tried some daa and it did rise to 315, but I never tested directly on daa, just off it for two weeks or so, the first time I did daa i got off a couple weeks and tested and it came back at 300(prolactin rose as well)  second time same thing with daa 315.       My endo wouldnt allow me to test on a "test" booster because he wanted to see what my body can do .  I agree totally with him bc serms, ai's, daa can raise it but when you come off everything thats the real measure


this last time though I was on a serm(nolva from purity), daa, and I took a triptorilin shot over two weeks after cycle ended and tested out as 26-very disappointing and this is the lowest ive ever been , going by my bloodwork

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