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Blood Experts Need Your Help!

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Posted 26 February 2015 - 04:09 PM

Hey guys,

Need some help with my blood work here are my results from 2-25-2015.

I donate blood every 10 weeks and alternate arms every other time I give blood.

Date 2-25-2015 (Currently on 250mg test-e per week, 150mg deca per week, 12.5mg ED aromasin, TB500 5mg per week. Just started as of 2-26-2015 is 50mg ED ralox for gyno and 15mg MK-2866 for joints.)

1.) RBC is high at 6.24; scale is 4.14-5.80
2.) MCH is low at 26.1; scale is 26.6-33.0
3.) RDW is high at 15.7; scale is 12.3-15.4
4.) BUN is high at 22; scale is 6-20
5.) Alkaline Phosphate is low at 38; scale is 39-117
6.) AST is almost high at 39; scale is 0-40
7.) ALT is high at 58; scale is 0-44
8.) TT at 250mg per week of 250mg has levels at >1,500 (Iron Star Test-E)
9.) Estrogen is high at 78.2; scale is 7.6-42.6 (Purchase Peptides Aromasin at 12.5mg ED)
10.) GFR if no African American is 85; scale is >59

Date 6-23-2014 (12.5mg Aroamsin ED, 300mg Test-e Every Week)

1.) RBC is high at 6.05; scale is 4.14-5.80
2.) RDW is high at 19.2; scale is 12.3-15.4
3.) Monocytes is high at 13; scale is 4-12
4.) BUN is high at 22; scale is 6-20
5.) AST was lower at 29; scale is 0-40
6.) ALT is high at 51; 0-44 scale is 0-44
7.) TT at 300mg per week (old supplier), level were 1,296
8.) Estrogen is normal at 23.7; scale is 7.6-42.6 (Purchase Peptides Aromasin at 12.5mg ED)
9.) GF if no African American is 84; scale is >59

Need some help, should I go see a doctor? I'm concerned about my RDW with donating I've been able to bring it down over time by alot. I'm also concerned about my GFR, I thought it should be around 90-100's, my AST in now higher then before and so is my ALT. Concerned about my liver and kidneys and then of course everything that is now low, I'm assuming my deca is making my estro look out of wack?



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#2 Oper8


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Posted 26 February 2015 - 04:14 PM

Relax, everything is normal (unless you wanna lower that E)

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#3 Doctor Steuss

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Posted 26 February 2015 - 04:36 PM

Closing this thread.  If you wish to comment on the OP, here is a link to the duplicate thread:



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