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Pure Oils Dianodrol And Bps Dermacrine Cycle Review

Pure Oils Dianodrol Dermacrine Review

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#1 Acerola


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Posted 13 July 2015 - 11:41 AM

I am currently in my 3rd Week of PCT following a light cycle of PO's Liquid Dianodrol stacked with BPS' Dermacrine. I am recovering well and felt it would be a good time to share my final thoughts on this particular stack. Full Log of this project can be found on this website.


Cycle Layout:


2 Bottles of Dermacrine @ 5 Pumps Weeks 1-6

300ML of Liquid Dianodrol @ roughly 75 mg a day, as low as 60, high as 90 Weeks 1-6


Support Supps:


Green Vibrance by Vibrant Health

Curcumin C3 by Nutripurre

Damage Control by LGI

Krill Oil by Now Health

Extreme Sports Multi by Now Health

MCT Oil by Now Health

Creatine HCL by Muscle Feast

Bulk Taurine






Tamoxifen Citrate @ 20, 20, 10, 10

Bulk DAA @ 3-6G

LGI Rehab

GW-501516 @ 20mg


T3 @ 12.5 mcg


     The first thing I noticed with the above stack was the positive libido boost I received from Dermacrine, this was evident from day 1 and did not cease throughout. I had read many reports of massive euphoria from the dianodrol and while I did not notice this persay, within the first week, I was noticing improved pumps, mind/muscle connection, and aggression in the gym. Dosing 75mg an hour before workouts always yielded phenomenal vigor and intensity, no outright euphoric buzz but definitely enough of a positive effect to be balanced away from the gym.

     I was positive the entire time I was on this stack, DDrol and Derma definitely worked synergystically. I did end up using preworkouts while on this cycle, mainly LGI Fully Loaded and Myokem's Nitramine but I felt my endurance, focus and drive all greatly enhanced while on this stack.

     By week 2, the muscle hardness and vascularity began to become more evident. My BF% is in the teens and I can only imagine these effects would be remarkably improved on a leaner physique. I enjoyed watching weight start to feel lighter as I slimmed down and felt great. Strength gains were not a focus but a welcome feature of my training during this run

    I played around with different diet and dosing strategies while on this one. I ended up basically running 75mg for 5 weeks and a few days. Effects seemed to somewhat platuea for me at that dosage by week 3-4. I do wish I could have dosed higher because by that point, I had only experienced minor back pumps which were manageable by taurine but lots of positive effects on my physique and body comp.

     With the diet I used I achieved a recomp effect, adding some nice muscle to my back and rear delts in particular while also allowing my obliques and abs to begin to come out to play. These products worked as designed, I did not feel any negative sides that were unreasonable, no testicular ache, no sexual disfunction ect With a stricter diet I am sure I could have achieved more fat loss but I was still very pleased with my results and the lean gains I made.

     My joints did get somewhat aggravated while on this stack. I almost forgot to mention but its worth noting. Even with Turmeric and Cissus, products I trust, my mobility declined relative to my dosage of drol. Days after stopping, they improved rapidly and i have continued to make strength and endurance gains in PCT.

     Dianodrol is a great clean and smooth product to use. I would definitely use it again though I would shoot much higher then 300ml for a total to play with. I think for someone 230+ such as myself, doses near 90 or better may produce more rugged results. Still, this is a great mild product. I am glad I ran it and I will definitely use other PO formulations.

     Dermacrine really shined for me. My libido raged and I had a very nice positive mood all cycle. This was all I wanted and it definitely worked. I would definitely use this as a base again given my experience with it. 


All in all, PO Dianodrol and BPS Dermacrine are definitely g2g for nice mild, recomp focused gains and positive mood. A very pleasurable run and something which I would recommend for anyone looking for a light introductory cycle, though I feel with additional stacking and dosing strategies, this would serve the harder core as well. 

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#2 sinewave3


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Posted 13 July 2015 - 01:06 PM

Thanks for the detailed review and log!

Log was also great and the first one I have read that was based on the new liquid dianodrol as opposed to the old capped version.

Sinewave3's Road To Recovery log: http://www.prohormon...ad-to-recovery/

#3 videohunter


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Posted 13 July 2015 - 01:46 PM

Great review !

I did the capped version @60 a day for 4 weeks, should have extended to 6 but I def enjoyed it, hdrol type gains not as much mass , but dryness, vascularity and hardness were nice !
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#4 BBG


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Posted 14 July 2015 - 01:05 AM

Nice review!

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