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Confused By Blood Work And Resutls

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Posted 02 October 2015 - 01:40 PM

I posted this on another board. Its a lot of info but i tried to cover everything over the last 6 months.


Ive been trying to find a balance for some time now with my hormones and I have several different blood work results I want to post and im just looking for clarification on what they may or may not mean. I will say I am a trt patient who competes in powerlifting and has cycled twice for meets. I dont currently have health insurance. I have earlier blood work on legit trt of 125mg showing some interesting results I can post here as well. I have a pituitary tumor also. Has not grown since it was found in 2010.

Was on cycle on 4/17/15 (day after 250mg shot) of 1000mg test front load and then 1 week of 500mg when I had this done to check a source for a friend. (private md labs)
test was 1900 range 350-1200
estradiol was 100 range 8-43
was using aromasin at 12.5mg e3d
Had no real symptoms of high estradiol which I thought was odd. Libido was good, ability to maintain was good, no gyno symptoms.
I treated the high estradiol with .5mg adex eod. I dried out, knees started to hurt after this, and libido and ability to maintain went away. 

Was on cruise dose of 250mg ugl test on 7/17/15 (3 days post 125mg shot no ai yet this day), had this done to check source to use for actual trt as i dont have insurance at the moment. (private md labs)
test was 1375 range 350-1200
estradiol was 45 rand 8-42
was using .25mg adex on shot days only (m/th)
Felt very similar to how I felt on .5mg adex eod. Libido wasnt great and ability to maintain was not there. Actually had 2 failed performances back to back. 

Someone mentioned possible high prolactin due to problems i was having. Tested prolactin with no ai and lowered test to 150mg after blood work on 7/17/15 (3 days post 75mg shot) as I was looking for trt numbers. I was taking 250mg mucana 95% at night and 50mg p5p in the am too. I took nothing the day of the blood work. (private md labs)
Prolactin was 19 range 4-15.
I was feeling overall better with the prolactin supps then before. I thought I was on to something. 

Decided to keep up with the prolactin and get a full panal done hoping to see how close I was to optimal. 9/14/15 (3 days post 75mg shot). mucana and p5p posed the day before. no ai. (LEF labs)
test 930 range 350-1200
free test 30 range 9-26
dhea 335 range 165-530
prolactin 38 range 4-15
estradiol 59 range 7-42
I wasnt feeling to great here. Libido was down and the ability to maintain was hard. 

So you can see my hormones have been everywhere in the past few months. I feel my test levels are around where I would want them on 150mg I could even lower it a touch more to 125mg. Im shocked to see my estradiol so high on so little test. Im also shocked to see my prolactin so high. Dhea is right about where it has always been. I tried to bring it up using oral dhea a few years ago with no luck. Always been about the same. 

Id love any input on what I should consider as my next move as im very confused by a few things.

I always feel better on no to very little AI. I seem to respond poorly to adex ingeneral as it throws me everywhere I feel and I can feel good one day and then 3-4 later feel awful. This also may explain why I prefer so little ai. High Estradiol Boosts Libido in Men on Testosterone Therapy - Renal and Urology News

I found some stuff on how prolactin and estradiol are linked. Showing that on case studies where they were treating hyperprolactima with cabergoline once they added trt to restore test levels the high estradiol levels that followed actually negated the cabergoline and only once they brought the estradiol down to range did the prolactin levels also go down with it. So that confused me too. Can try to locate the case studies I saw on another board if anyone wants to see them. 

I have a study on 8 months of supplemented dhea (25mg) in elderly men that showed a whole host of negative hormone changes over the long term im not sure I want to deal with. This is oral. I would like to bring these levels up eventually. It showed that dhea was increased two fold and dheas was increased 2.5 times after a month and stayed that way for the 8 months. But androstendiol increased about two fold at month 4 and then estrone and estradiol increase around 2 fold in month 5 and stayed that way. I can try to attach it if anyone wants to see it. 

I have these items on hand.

test e
mast e
dhea oral
formestane TD
Mucana 95% extract

Would love any input in anyway and any direction I can look into going. Sorry for the book but im just trying to cover as much ground and how I got here and how I feel. Thanks for any help at all. 

Currently on
150mg test
.25mg adex eod (dont feel any better being on this)
125mg mucana am and pm 
50mg p5p in the afternoon
25mg dhea oral.

That was suggested by a LEF doctor (except the mucana and p5p). only been 2 weeks but felt generally worse until I added the prolactin support.

none of the test specify if the estradiol tests were sensative or ultra sensative. They just say estradiol. Which could be off I was told? Can anyone tell me which tests Im looking for next time?

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