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Hows This Cut Cycle Look

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Posted 06 December 2015 - 04:30 AM

as ive never ran a cutting cycle that wasnt only test im just looking for a little feed back.

superdrol daily dose each week.


test blend (phenyl prop, isocaproate, cyp, enanth)


epiandro transdermal (salvo transderm with dmso added to it) daily doses each week


desoxytest cyp


highly susceptible to gyno sides so i'll be using arimistane 100-150mg/day transdermal in some salva for the added bonus of cortisol control then bumping down to 50mg/day when I lower the test dose. I might just do 100mg every other day. always have letro and nolva on hand in case my nips get that feeling, but epi converts to dht so that works as a mild AI as well so I don't think i'll worry much. i'll just rub 1/2 an ml of arimistane per nip area and 1/2 ml of epiandro transdermal per per pec

i'll be doing the epi 150mg (oral with cyclodextrin) pre-workout or split morning/night on non workout days. i'm going to be on 2 grams of ursolic acid every day, 2 grams of acetyl l carnitine ( 500mg capsules one before every meal), i'll also be doing a clen cycle two week on, 2 week off. i'll also be on a cyclic keto: 2 week carb depletion then every 4 days I will carb load. i'll be doing a lot of hiit though(heavy bag work, sprinting, mma conditioning). while I'm on the sd i'll just be on a low carb clean eating diet. and i'll be taking cinullin and bonaba with every meal. once I lowe the test i'll go to a ketogenic diet and drop the insulin supps.

I have 3 grams of synephrine lying around from my last cut so might as well use it. because of the extremely short half life i'll do 10mg before I each meal and 20-25mg preworkout.

I might throw in tren when I finish the sd, I'm not sure

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