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Ostarine - Risk V Reward And Best Uses

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Posted 07 February 2016 - 12:08 PM

Sorry if this has become a tired subject,


I'm currently 6-2 and 172 lbs. I have never used any substance steroid related, and I just heard about mk2866 recently and was intrigued by it. I have been researching it and have found quite a bit of (sometimes dated) conflicting information regarding its safety and effectiveness, so I was hoping to get fresh opinions on where Ostarine stands in the market. 


Ostarine appeals to me because of it's ease to buy and use. Let me say, I am okay with using basic or zero supplements, it outweighs the costs and hassles of using complex steroids that definitely "work" in my mind. That said, if there is an effective, easy to use advantage, I would take it. The other things that appeal to me are the reported increase in well being, and more importantly, the ability to heal joints and body in general- I work in construction, exposure to the elements plus the day to day grind gives my body a lot of aches and pains- especially in my wrists and back, so if a supplement can alleviate that, great. Since I'm on the topic of back pain, I have also read that Ostarine can cause back pain, which would obviously steer me away. 


If I were to use Ostarine, what would the benefits and risk be of using a 10-20mg dosage daily for 4-6 weeks, followed by 4 week PCT? Would the benefits be negligible and not worth the price of substance? Would the risks still be present (I know it's difficult to know that for certain, because long term studies have not been performed on Ostarine yet)? Also, I am knew to the term "PCT", one question I have, can a PCT simply be not taking a certain substance for a period of time, or does a PCT necessarily require you use a different substance that will help counteract the effects of your normal cycle? If I were to take Ostarine, would I need to take anything else during PCT?


Lastly, how do you choose a store to purchase something like Ostarine? How can you possibly know what you are actually getting for your money? What are some of the most reputable sources?


Thanks for any and all information! 

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