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Methylstenbolone Information



It originates from a prohormone which is used in providing a lean mass gain with low water retention. Methylstenbolone is known differently because of its different names. The product first appeared in the market as Ultradrol, and Antaeus Labs produced it. For some period, people were used to superdrol and never even thought of m-sten as an existing product.
Benefits of products like Ultradrol
1. Increasing Mass
2. Increasing Strength
3. Helps in fat loss
4. No Bloating
Generally, the use of m-sten helps people to increase their mass, their size as well as strengthens them. Also, methylstenbolone, unlike the Superdrol, can retain little or even no water making it possible to bulk without losing definition. People using it have always preferred it to Superdrol because of its effect of giving people a look of much fuller muscles.


Best methylstenbolone products

The best products are chosen based on customer reviews, their feedbacks, the experience of the support team working with the product, and logger results. The products include;
1. Msten Extreme Mass Builder brought to the market by the Assault labs.
2. Powerdrol -10 produced by the Vital labs
3. Xtreme Mass produced by the technologies of Anabolic
4. Msten Rx by the labs of IronMag
5. Msten 10 by supplements from LGI
People may ask whether they are supposed to use post cycle therapy after taking this compound. The truth is every prohormone requires a post cycle therapy. In the case of m sten, post cycle therapy because people using it experience high levels of hormone and therefore post cycle therapy helps them boosting one’s natural production of testosterone and make it normal. Also, when finishing the cycle of this compound dose, it is essential to regulate as well as reduce the production of estrogen.


Cycles of Methylstenbolone

The cycles of  this compound usually are run for four weeks, but some advanced users may go to six weeks. However, for advanced users who extend their cycles, it is advised to take a premium cycle support, for instance, the Blockade as methylstenbolone is toxic.

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