Metha Quad Extreme By Blackstone Labs

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Extreme muscle building supplement – pro-hormone that will increase muscle size and strength with one cycle.



Metha Quad Extreme Blackstone Labs

Blackstone Labs famous Quad Stack is back and bigger than ever!

On its own, all 4 compounds of Metha-Quad Extreme can produce massive gains but when all are combined the unthinkable happens.

The various compounds are working together to produce an enhanced result that are unmatched putting your muscles into extreme anabolic mode giving your body no other option but to build serious muscle and increase strength to the next level.

Tired of trying to remember to take all of your pills each day well Blackstone Labs packed everything into a once a day tablet.

Making gains easier than ever before.

What are you waiting for get your bottle of Metha-Quad Extreme today!

Benefits of Metha Quad Extreme

  • Can Help Increase Extreme Muscle Hardness*
  • Can Help Increase Libido*
  • Can Help Improve Muscle Definition*
  • Can Help Improve Mood*
  • Can Help Improve Protein Synthesis*
  • Can Help Improve Muscle Recovery*
  • Can Help Improve Muscle Endurance*
  • Can Help Increase Extreme Muscle Mass*
  • Can Help Increase Strength*

Ingredients found in Metha-Quad Extreme:

Blackstone Labs Metha Quad Extreme Supplement Facts

Androsterone (150mg) is an all-around compound that ultimately converts to stanolone, a.ka. dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which helps to bring some advanced muscle-building potential. To go along with that, not only is androsterone NOT estrogenic, but it can actually employs some insane anti-estrogen effects in the body, making this a great prohormone to use for a bulking cycle or cutting cycle. This compound also helps to compound water retention and gyno making it perfect for bodybuilders who have higher estrogen levels.

1 androstene-3b-ol,17-one (50mg) this compound goes through a dual conversion process ultimately transforming into 1-testosterone, a extremely powerful derivative of testosterone. Or otherwise known as 1-DHEA or 1-Andro, A powerful muscle-building hormone that will not aromatize to estrogen. 1-DHEA has a  1:2 anabolic:androgenic ratio, which means it delivers leaner, drier gains, with little to no water retention during bulking phases. Stacking this with Androsterone brings dry to a whole new level when it come to cycling a product like this.

4 androstene-3b-ol,17-one (50mg)  A compound that is also known as 4-DHEA and is a DHEA derivative, this compound converts into the king of all hormones, testosterone. Test is both anabolic and androgenic, which means customers will see an increase in strength and muscle mass. With additional testosterone levels the red blood cell count will increase as well resulting in better pumps in the gym and increased libido in the bedroom making you the king of both worlds. 4-DHEA is a extreme bulking compound, resulting in mass gains with some water retention.

Arimistane (50mg)  is a extremely powerful aromatase inhibitor (AI) that helps to  lower circulating levels of estrogen and cortisol in the human body. Arimistane blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, significantly boosting natural testosterone production. Yet another compound to help deliver dry gains. What does this mean for you the consumer? Its simple the gains you get stay even after your cycle is over.

Side Effects

  • May see increased aggression
  • Increase Acne
  • May experience Joint Pain
Post Cycle and On Cycle Care

We recommend using a cycle support while taking Metha-Quad-Extreme, even though these compounds aren’t known to be harsh on the liver its always best to keep the liver at 100 percent.

We do recommend using Eradicate or PCT V with this product to help preserve your gains and investment. A decent post cycle recovery will also help prevent strength loss and libido loss.

Directions: Blackstone Labs recommends that you take 1-2 capsules of Metha-Quad daily

Cycle Length

Since this product has a lower chance for sides you can run your cycle for up to 12 weeks for maximum benefits, If you are new to pros we suggest starting with a 8 week cycle followed up by a post cycle recovery supplement.

How long should I wait between cycles?

We suggest allowing 4 to 6 weeks between cycles in order to allow your hormone levels to balance out.



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